Default HTC One Mini S-Off Problems

Hi all,

I've put my A&TT htc one mini in a rather funky state. I attempted to use rumrunner s-off 0.5.0, and got to the pouring 2 step where the phone failed to boot. I've ended up in a boot loop where the splash screen (htc one, beats audio) will show up and then the phone will reboot to the htc phone screen and stay there and won't boot into the rom.

I've flashed he following rom:

I've created a video of the behavior that can be found here:

I've tried reflashing the rom with the same behavior per @beaups reccomendation with no success, so I'm not sure what happened.

I do still have access to twrp and fastboot.

How can I get my phone back to a working state?


M. Ross