Default Security issue OMNIROM (Regarding the SIM and PIN code)


I already reported the issue on JIRA but got no respons so im trying here to see if it is really a problem or intended!
Watch the video:

As you can see when i typ in the SIM the system gives feedback (grey SIM pad) when it shouldn't do that! This is because i have the same SIM and PIN code setup (1993 in this case).
When i change my PIN (the phone security PIN) to 1992 and keep my SIM on 1993 i get no system respons (no grey dail pad).

This seems like a security issue as a unauthorized person can easily get his way in to the system now just by trying diffrent codes until the system gives feedback (grey dailpad).

If someone is on JIRA please give some feedback or respond:

Thanks for anyone who would try it out or answer me!
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