Default [Q] De-Odexed Framework not working

Hello all;

I have an LG p698 device, with a custom ROM (ZemDroid)(Gingerbread). Everything is working fine, but I wanted to add Arabic support to it, and for that, I need a deodexed framework.

I pulled the entire /system/framework directory, copied and modified the BOOTCLASSPATH as necessary, and used smali and baksmali 2.0.3. They reported no errors in disassembling the framework.odex file, created the "out" directory, and then using smali created the classes.dex file, which I shoved into the framework.jar file using Ark (Kubuntu 13.10).

I made a copy of the working framework.jar and framework.odex files on device, and put the new jar, and of course, deleted the odex.
wiped the dalvik cache for good measure, and rebooted.. The phone got stuck on LG logo :/ (It didn't even reach the custom splash image)

I can reboot into CWM, I can even adb into it in this state, but it won't continue starting up. Replacing original ones lets the device start normally, but my deodexed framework.jar won't

Any ideas?