Phone [SOLVED] [EPRJ RIL] Calls automatically answered on speaker


I'm using Paranoid Android (latest BETA3) and Mokee kernel, but this problem happened to me on EPRJ CM and on Omni too (Android 4.3) and on all other kernels too.
The thing is that all my calls get answered automatically on speaker (if someone calls me, not if I call someone), I first thought that it was an Xposed Framework problem but after deactivating it I still have the bug. I also thought it could be a Viper4Android one, but without installing it, it remains.
Anyway, if you have an idea about what can be causing it please reply. If there's no way to fix it, can I install CM RIL on PA (although I prefer EPRJ RIL).

Thanks in advance

SOLVED: I was using a profile app (similar to CM profiles and it was causing it), sorry opening the thread but it was turning me crazy.