AS this thread is always under development,i'm glad for the suggestions to make this a better thread

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It might be nice to add in some reference links for many of the terms to the official android pages.

.DEX -
Dalvaik -
Logcat -
[ ^ Perfect]
Other suggestions
  • At the end of the Dalvaik section you might add a sentence that says "see ART" [good idea]
  • Maybe a mention about XPosed framewor since it is very prevalent now. [will be done]
  • In the definition of ROM it might be nice toexplain a ROM image [ok]
  • This is something I cannot find: What exactly does AOSPA(+) mean? Alternative? [ I thinck so since it's mostly related do paranoid android rom]
  • Kernel is alphabetically in the wrong position in the list.[Yeah,kernel is drunk,gonna slap him on the face and move to his place]
  • Explanation for the term MOD / Modification.
  • Add cool Android KitKat and Jelly Bean history link [wrong link]

Thanks for the nice list.
OTG missing?
how could i forget? will be added. thanks