Default [Q] Problem Stock Launcher

heyho. some days ago i flashed a moded xperia home from this forum, it was one of this
well.. i cant explain why, but after the flashing the launcher was gone. i still have my go launcher
to get the launcher back, i installed it via an apk from this post
first, it works fine. i installed a xposed module to edit the snap-to-grid size and rebooted my phone, after this i was able to mod it. everything was fine until the next reboot -> my launcher was reseted. not the mods, like the s-t-g size. but all my "custom" widgets and icons were gone and was replaced by the defaults. that happens now after every reboot, no matter what i do.
can anyone help me to find a solution for this problem, without reflashing my XZ1, thats running stock 4.3 deadexd and rooted with recovery?
thx for the help