Default [Q] Random notification sound from Verizon G2 with no visual notification!

Hi all, I've had my new Verizon G2 just about 10 days now and truly love the phone (coming from a Thunderbolt!). But for the last several days now, at random times, I would get that stupid Vienna boy's choir "life is good" notification sound. I'll grab the phone and light up the screen and there are no notification icons showing in the notification bar. I've set other sounds for email and message notifications. And I've just changed the system notification sound to something less annoying. I tried calling LG tech support, but when the guy suggested a hard reset and told me not to worry because i wouldn't lose anything that was stored on the external storage card...I hung up. Good product knowledge there pal. So does anybody have any thoughts on why I'm getting this random notification sound four or five times a day?
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