Default [GAME][2.2+][FREE] Best GUESSING Game ever: Be the new Mini Detective!

Challenge your mind: This game is the most full of knowledge for Android!
Forget the name your mother gave you or how your friends call you. Now you are the Mini Detective! Your mission: discover the Secret Identities using the fewest number of tips possible.

You can play single or you can challage your friends!

There are 500 Secret Identities distribute thru many levels!

The Identity can be a Person (from old times, a singer, an actress, a player, anyone!), a Thing or a Place! Can you guess who this is?? ('s a Level 1..LOL)

If you wanna try, please visit:

The Identities where specially designed for 7 countries: US, Great britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Brazil..(I am excited to promote it all over the world LOL)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!