Plug [Q] need to disable the touchscreen

Please can any one help.

My touch screen broke and riht now there is no way I can afford to get it fixed. I got an idea to buy a blue tooth keyboard witha touch pad and bang I was back in business. Now I could use it as a little home entertainment system.

About 2 weeks ago videos would randomly skip, volume would go up and down, apps would close and others open randomly. I did the show touches in settings and wow litterally all along the cracks you can see gost touches all the time. I asked once before for help and someone suggested flashing a blank driver for the touchscreen. I know I dont have the skill to try and take it to pieces and after a month I still cant seem to find a way to make this go away.

Soncould someone please help me out a kind dev who knows something so I could just flash a zip and boom no mpre touchscreen..

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