Cool AnTuTu Benchmark Scores. M919 4.2 - 4.3

Hello All

I been running Antutu benchmark, on 2 phones both are the m919 the 1st is running stock 4.2 and the other is running stock 4.3

After running the test at least 10 times on each phone here are the scores that i'm getting .

M919 with stock 4.2- between 22,000 and 26,000
M919 with stock 4.3- between 26,000 and 29,000

I also tried running different rom's on the m919 4.2 while I had it rooted, none of the rom's listed below scored higher than stock 4.3.


Any thoughts on this? I'm guessing they clocked the CPU a little bit higher on 4.3?
Does this really affect performance? if so how much?

On a side note I also noticed on the 4.3 version of the phone, the colors on screen and brightness, are tiny touch different?