Default Phone loses call sound, needs reboot.


I got an I9505 and having some issues with it.

It started when I was on "[AOSP] Official 4.4.2 - S4 Google Edition - Feel the Experience of Nexus" I keeped loosing sound when calling people and needed to reboot my phone to fix it, and it only worked for short period of time before I needed to reboot again.

I tried some wifi fix etc, but didnt work. So I flashed "OMN-I9505XXUEML6-20131228111854" But now the wifi isnt working.
I read alot of knox and to be honest its a jungle for me out there.

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction, I just want my phone working, either official room or a google play room.
Samsung galaxy S2

Samsung galaxy i9505