Default mk802iv problems

I've searched, read, downloaded a lot of programs but I have been unable to fix a stupid mistake I made earlier which was flashing the wrong firmware on my MK802iv. As a result the WiFI and Bluetooth switches off immediately after switching on regardless of what ROM I install. I've tried to flash stock and other ROM's but the same problem with WiFi and Bluetooth remain.

I can not get RKAndroidTool to run and I can not set up a custom recovery. I'm really struggling to find a way to flash a custom kernel but I don't think that will fix the problem. I suspect that if I could get into a custom recovery and Fix Permission this could alleviate the issue. I'm running out of ideas and can not find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

HTC ONE MaximusHD 42.0.0 with - ElementalX and ROM Cleaner v2.2
HTC DS Stock
HTC HD2 PixelDroid Carbon 4.4.2