Default [Q] How to disable hardware mouse right button?

hey :]

please tell me theres some line of code somewhere where i can simply put some # in and deactivate the right mouse button this way?

im running a Minix X7 on my TV controlling it via a Logitech TK820 and External Keyboard Helper Pro - everything works fine, except that sometimes I accidently tap on the right/down half of the touchpad and go "back" since that seems to be the default binding for "hardware mouse right button click".

With Tincores Keymapper i can bind/map the *hardware right click* to a left click, so it is possible somehow - but i need External Keyboard Helper Pro ;/ Either bind the right mouse click to a left or deactivating it at all would be fine!

Searched though forums and .kl-files, but all I could find theres is the binding/mapping of the keyboard-keys, not the *mouse buttons*

Thank you very much in advance!