Default [Q] Badblocks on an Android Device

Hey Guys,

For the past few weeks, I have been suffering from file system corruption on my /data partition, and have been trying to fix it. The phone gives me SOD's and random reboots (kernel related) and the last kmsg.logs tell me about ext-4 fs errors and journal corruption ( something along the lines of that). I have ran e2fsck on /data, /cache/, and /system and it always fixes all the errors but after time they always re-appear and I know because of an SOD or reboot, and lather, rinse, and repeat. I came to the conclusion that maybe there are newly developed bad blocks on the internal NAND which continuously corrupt the filesystem by reading and writing to them, and I want to get them marked. Running e2fsck -c gave me: Badblocks not found, and so I searched on what to do. I came across a thread that said push the Badblocks binary to sbin and tried that, but now I get "Illegal Instruction" instead of No Badblocks Binary. What can I do to mark these blocks? Is there an alternative to at least check to see if bad blocks are present? Thanks in advance.