Default Help! Phone keeps encrypting itself!

Hey guys and girls,

My Samsung Galaxy Mega I9205 LTE just keeps encrypting itself after flashing a rom which is stock based.

This is happening:

If I want to restore, after a full wipe (factory + dalvik) it encrpyts itself.
If I want to reflash, after a full wipe (factory + dalvik) it encrpyts itself.

But if I flash a 4.4.2 based rom, nothing wierd happens. But if I flash a stock based rom, it keeps encrypting.

I have used the encryption, but this encryption was done on a 4.4.2 rom. Also I succesfully removed it, but I think it stays on those stock-based rom. I also tried to use my old pass, but it wont work.

What happend, how can I fix it and how do I prevent this from happening?

Any help is appreciated!!

Kind regards,

Samuel de Wit
Owner of the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3!

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