Default [Q] AT&T Wifi issues with 4.3 MJ9 Official Firmware

My AT&T S4 is having wifi issues, it won't show all the access points.

Device Version: JSS15J.I337UCUEMJ9 (AT&T)
Base Band: I337UCUMJ9

Steps Done:
-Wiped Cache and Factory Reset from Recovery Menu
-went into advance settings within WiFi and turned off (unchecked) "Auto network Switch"
-disabled AT&T Smart Wifi app within Applications Settings (going through Settings>More>Application Manager)
-Dialed *#0011# and turned off WiFi Power Saving

I'm not adverse to flashing or rooting, have done it in the past and know my way around "Odin" and "ADB" so very open to any suggestions no matter how invasive they are.

***It's not a DLink router issue, since I'm using NetGear and I keep only my B/G/N radios on***
***Every other Android device connects to internet just fine***
***Bluetooth is working without any issue***
***Data is also working without any issue***