Question [Q] Problems with internal sdcard (?) after nandroid backup

Hi guys!

I have a 16GB Moto G version, model XT1033 (dual SIM). I've installed some ROMs to test, and I did a nandroid backup to restore the previous stock system.

However, since I restored, some problems have occurred. The internal sdcard (or internal memory) mount, I can modify without problems in ES File Explorer and from computer. But most apps can't write, some, in addiction, cannot see the internal sdcard (eg. camera ICS).

Some screenshots can ilustrate the problem:

(in english: Insert a SD card before use the camera)

(in english: Insert a SD card before use the camera)

I suppose this problem is some with mountpoints (Moto G mounts sdcard in two modes at the same time, one is legacy). I dont find fstab or another config file to check this.

What could be done to solve this problem?

Thanks! And sorry my bad english
Sorry bad english
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