Phone [Q] /data/sdext2 not getting mounted!!

Hi Guys,

I am using Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i & is rooted. I had 4GB memory card & had only 2 partitions FAT32(3.25 GB) & Linux ext3 (500MB) & was working well. All my apps were residing in this (ext3) partition /data/sdext2.

Yesterday I took backup of SDCard (through Win 8 PC) and used MiniTool Partiton wizard to create a Linux swap. Here is how I did,
1. I deleted FAT32 partiton only.
2. Recreated it to 3GB
3.Created a 256MB Linux Swap partition.
4.Already existing partition ext3 was not touched.

After inserting the SD card I couldn't mount the Linux partition ext3 (/data/sdext2) using link2sd app. I searched through xda forums & did some troubleshooting using adb shell by using mount command (being in su). But its not working out.

Please help me in recovering my ext3 [artition as I have all my apps residing over there. Also I had replaced the backup taken from SDCard before yesterday's partiton.

Pleeease let help me in recovering the partition /data/sdext2.

Thanks a lot,