Video [XOLO Q800] Custom Boot Animations *ROOT*

Hi Guys,

Here I am presenting my first custom bootanimation !!

How to add the custom bootanimation:

First thing it is not flashable bootanimation.

Note: Your phone should be rooted to perform the below steps. You also need to have Root Explorer or ES File Explorer or similar one. My favorite is Fx File Explorer.

1. Take a backup of your bootanimation (/system/media/ and boootaudio, if you have any (/system/media/bootaudio.mp3) if needed
2. Download the attached files (see downloads section; boot animation and boot audio)
3. Replace your with the downloaded one.
4. Replace the bootaudio.mp3 with the downloaded one
5. Reboot the phone and enjoy the new bootanimation

How it looks like:

Youtube Link


1. Boot Animation
2. Boot Audio


1. Let know if you can't access the download links
2.If it does not work, please replace it with your own (backed up one) bootanimation. Follow same steps mentioned above.

Hit like if you enjoy it !! Leave any comments for improvements.

Watch this space for more boot animations !!

*** Warning: Sorry to say this but I have to. I do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong to your phone. Use it at your own risk !! ***