Talking [Q] help adding hotplugx to jbx kernel

hello all 1st id like to thank all the devs and people involved in any and all roms and kernels and truly appreciate the work you all put in.

and now to my question/questions..
i have a xt912 verizon cdma all that jazz.. ss 3.65 been running cm11 nightlys for about a week now with the latest jbx kernel. i tried whirleyes's kernel module tut and in an effort to add the hotpluX gov to the kernel, from what ive read in a lot of threads its a good gov for the razr. managed to boot loop the phone reflashed a backup i made before i tried it and all is well again. ive searched high and low for a way to do this and have found no solution. so i come here for help. if i can not in fact add hotplugX to jbx what are some trickster settings people are using?

thank you in advance for any help/feedback