Default [Q] (Help-me) Play Store downloading forever

Hey guys, first sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian searching for answers for my problem in foruns internationals

I have a "generic tablet" Yeahpad Pillbox 7" with specifications is:

cpu : Allwinner A13 1Ghz
gpu: Mali 400
Ram: 512 mb DDRIII
android : 4.1.1

The regular tablet worked until I could no longer download apps from the store to play in downloading status and it is forever

Im use the adb logcat and i give this

I/ServiceManager(2070): Waiting for service drm.drmManager
W/DrmManagerClientImp(Native)(2070): DrmManagerService not published, Waiting

i've searched for all sites and forums , but im not a answer for my problem,

please , anybody help me?