Info 2 [Q] xt862 No Baseband or IMED

I would like some help with a xt862. I am still knew to all of this maybe I am missing something I didn't read in another thread.
I was given the phone in a very bad bricked state, most of the OS was damage to the point it could not backup and files from the phone I ended up just flashing a recovery mod back to it ver. 890 then tried the 906 and the 883. I also tried the stock roms, but to no avail. It shows unknown baseband and IMED Values, and when I *#*#4636#*#* and go to the radio it shows:
IMEI: unknown
Phone #:unknown
Current network:
Neighboring CID: unknown
Roaming: Not roaming
GSM Service: Out of service
GPRS Service: Disconnected
Network Type: Unknown
Set preferred network type: Unknown (changeable drop down) unable to change from Unknown it show all other available radio formats.
also I am unable to put it into airplane and if I try I become confused wither it is or not.

Any help on the this would be greatly appreciated.