Plug [Hardware] JXD S18 Mini Pad + Battery mod HTC One X [Modification]

I was so tired of this **** battery, i took the time meanwhile to do my modification that i had in my mind for so long..

Original battery was about the same in size and capacity as a BL-C4(nokia 6310 battery).
Now it has a HTC One X (3.7VDC 1800mAh 6.66Whr) battery in it.

Here is it:

Lets dent it a bit so it fits (carefully of course)

Works perfectly fits like if its the oem battery

HOWEVER, i do not recommend you to do the same. As its not so good for a lipo battery to be dent as much as i did, and im not sure if this will be safe. So keep in mind if you do the same, its your own responsibility.
HTC Sensation z710e (PG58130):
Rooted, S-OFF, HBOOT 1.27.1100, Unlocked BL, RADIO-11.22.3504.07_M
Recovery: 4EXT Touch v1.0.0.6 RC1
Kernel: 3.0.101-ChronicKernel-linaro-g1ef1ddd (Wed Jan 15 07:48:25 EST 2014)
Rom: CyanogenMod 11-20140115 kk 4.4.2
Battery: GI39100 35H00186-00M (3.8VDC= 6.08Whr 1600mAh)
Govner: Ondemand IO: SIO CPU: 2x1180mhz Antutu: 11931