Cool Help to start developing custom rom

First of all I file my name is John , I'm Uruguayan ( that's why my English is so bad, I apologize to all ) .
I recently bought a N900 Note 3 and I'm really fascinated .
I am a follower of Dr. Ketan 's, his work is excellent and the way in which answers our queries is admirable.

I come to you after searching information on the development and modification of applications or roms for our device . Actually I found a lot of information about the subject but I'm confused and before i break something 'd like to see if they know ( all of you ) can help me .

Basically what I want is that I help prepare the development environment and that's where I froze .

What operating system should use for this?
What tools do we need to not die in the attempt?

Once you have the working environment could start getting involved more in this world that I love, if all goes well , I promise unconditional dedication to actively participate in the forum and help with what I have learned.

We again apologize to all for my bad bad bad English and thank you in advance to those who help me in this new project I want to tackle this year.

Greetings all,