Default Need help with EVDO on VZW G2 flashed to Reliance CDMA in India

I am using G2 in India on Reliance CDMA.

It works either thru OMG sim or thru NAM settings in NV mode...

Call / Text / EVDO all works perfect in stock roms as well as CM based roms upto JB...

I tried all the KK based roms out there for G2 VZW..

But, EVDO or 1x is not working in any of KK Roms in NV or RUIM mode.

I see menu for network settings in JB based roms is different in KK based roms.

JB roms used to have many options like EVDO, CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, etc

But in KK only 3 options viz 3G, 2G or Global. Also, in KK, I had to go to phone info thru *#*#4636#*#* n select WCDMA preferred n that way GSM was working fine with data even on KK but no success with data on CDMA.

Pls help if someone has pointers...