Default [Q] It's not a bug, it's a feature

Hello guys,
first of all I want to say I'm new here but I already read a lot of stkuf and threads here in this forum so I just wanted to say first that this is a incredible forum. You helpöed me a lot of times already, thank you for that.

But the reason why I am registered now is because I have a "problem' I could not find a solution for yet.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (it's I think now two and a half years old) and I use it with Cyanogenmod since two years.
My WhatsApp account run out about a week ago so I did not used it since then.
As I made a CM-Nightly Update yesterday, my Account now lasts until the 27th February 2014 without any reason I could imagine.

You see, it is not really a problem for me because now I have some extra time to pay the amount I did not payed yet, but it is some kind of fascinating. Can you imagine and tell me what happend there?

Thanks, Markus

P.S.: Sorry for my (bad) english, I'm not a native speaker.