Unhappy [Q] Help unbrick AMLogic aml8726-m3 HD16 s2 (google tv box)

Sorry for duplicate post, but my box is M3, not MX

I have a M3 box and installed wrong firmware and now I don't have access CWM (no signal), black screen and blue led. I tried several times recovery by SD card and a lot of softwares/firmwares (SDcardMaker.exe, HDDRawCopy1.02Portable.exe)...

There are any way to recovery by JTAG? or AML ImageBurnTool?

This is my box: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2013-...046658225.html

And this is the picture (but dvbs2). There are some kind of boxes (dvb-t, dvbs2...), the difference is only the tuner (removable): http://www.gadgetoadicto.com/wp-cont...aca-iptv28.jpg

I need help!!!!!!!