Default [Q] Flash Recovery Using Terminal Emulator

Can I flash TWRP using terminal emulator?

I was currently on MonXdified rom, just downloaded the newest version of this rom and when I tried to go to recovery I was not able to access it.. Weird because I was able to install it using TWRP. I was using Xposed and I don't know if it messed up something or what not. I'm in the office right now and I just can't wait to get home and do this on my computer but is there an option to get recovery twrp or cwm using terminal emulator?

I found similar threads but those are not Xperia Models so I was just wondering if its possible.

Current Phone: Lumia 1520 Black
Current Rom: Windows Black
Current Kernel: Stock

Previous Phones: P900, E71, E72, 5800, BB9300, BB9380, BB9780, BB9360, Sony Live W/ Walkman, HTC Mozart, Nexus S, HTC One V, Galaxy Nexus, Xperia Ion, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z Ultra C6833 Black, Nexus 5 White, Nexus 5 Black, Xperia Z Ultra White, Lumia 1520 White