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From Desktop and Web to Android Devices : I Need Help

For over twenty years I have developed apps using Borland's Delphi and BDS development tools. I now want to migrate a subset of that functionality to Android devices ... but need help getting over the learning curve hump.

The general particulars are:

1. Master-Detail, content management. Multiple detail data tables for each master record.

2. Image gallery. See all images in the gallery or only those images which have been linked to a master record.

3. Taking a pic and linking it to a master record.

4. Ability to query for local businesses ... such as "Find <business name> within <x miles> of my current GPS location.

I currently have Eclipse and the latest ADK tools installed. Also, I have some Java experience.

Is there a place I can go to find a baseline source code framework that satisfies these requirements and demonstrates how to store and manage the master and detail data and links?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at

Many thanks, from an old dog trying to learn new tricks.