Default [Q] Flashed Custom ROM and Kernel, Now Can't Access Internal SD

Hoping someone here can help me fix this problem without having to RUU and start all over...

I'm S-On with 2.09 HBOOT.

I had been running MeanBean for the last 6 months or so, but decided to finally give an AOKP ROM a try because I wanted to check out HALO. First, I did a Nandroid backup of MeanBean using TWRP. Then I downloaded the latest DirtyUnicorns build, placed it in on my SD card and flashed through TWRP (2.3.1), inlcuding the attached GApps and the CM10.2 data fix. It wouldn't boot at first, and I realized that my old kernel for MeanBean was Sense-based, so wasn't compatible with AOKP. I extracted the boot.img file from the ROM and flashed using fastboot. After that I was able to boot up and was up and running with Dirty Unicorns on Mazda's supplied kernel.

DU is pretty awesome and there is so much to do in the ROM, plus HALO is awesome. I wish that was incorporated into every ROM. But my battery life the first couple of days left much to be desired. Even using Kernel Tuner to underclock with screen off and Llama to turn stuff off when I didn't need it, I was approaching 30% by lunchtime. So in an effort to try and fix this, I tried to flash the latest Haunted HC kernel (DU thread says people have flashed this and it runs) through Flash Image GUI since I am S-On. Unfortunately, the phone went into a boot loop after this and wouldn't get past the HTC screen. When I got home I reflashed the DU kernel through Fastboot, but then my WiFi wasn't functional.

After trying to flash a few times and it not working (WiFi still broken), I decided to just go back to MeanBean using the Nandroid. Used TWRP to do this, but then the phone wouldn't boot past the HTC screen after this. Was stuck at my girlfriend's and didn't have fastboot available, so I reflashed DU off of my SD card and it booted up and runs, but now I can't access my internal storage. This means I can't use Swiftkey and the Gallery app isn't functional either. When I try to mount internal storage in TWRP to reformat it, it just says internal storage cannot be mounted. Does anybody know how to fix this??? Everything I could find on here says that I should be able to mount using TWRP at least, but I can't even get that to work.

TLDR - Been flashing ROM's/kernels and now can't mount internal storage.

FIXED - Was able to use Rumrunner to obtain S-Off (had attempted while on MeanBean and would not work), then updated recovery to the latest TWRP and used the Advanced Wipe feature to reformat the internal storage. After that, I just reflashed DU and was up and running. Only issue I had was phone lost connectivity to Sprint, so I had to go back to MeanBean just to update my profile.