Question [Q] Voice commands and K9 mail

[This may not be the right place to post this question. If its not, my apologies, and please direct me to the correct forum.]

Is there a way to configure the "Send email" voice command to use K9 mail? Would an app like Vlingo provide this option?

When I use the built in voice command and say "Send email to John Smith", it loads the email address, listens for and fills out the body of the email, then prompts me to send. When I say "Send", a notice flashes on the screen saying "Message wasn't sent." I'm assuming its trying to use the gmail app, but I dont have accounts configured in gmail, and have syncing disabled for the app. I've set K9 mail as my default email app, and configured a default send account within K9 mail.

My device (Asus TF701T tablet) is new to me and new on the market so I'm waiting to root it. (Mainly because Asus won't honor the warranty on a rooted device.) If there's a method to do this, with or without root, please let me know,

- John