Default [free][game][2.3+] Earth Defense - space arcade

Hi!, I want to show you my game: Earth Defense

I will be glad to see your tips, comments, corrections for the game, thanks!)

A little bit about the game:

In the story, to our planet moving huge asteroid cloud, and destruction is inevitable.

Remains only evacuate with all the necessary to create life on another planet.
It is possible but it takes time.

But time is too short!

Someone has to hold the asteroids as people evacuated!

Your task - to destroy asteroids, raise the level, collect crystals and buy improvement!


- multitouch;
- game store;
- levels system;
- skills system;
- game bonuses;
- player rankings;
- interactive learning;

Screen shots:

Bonus for players: I created a video review of the game development process, here is the link to the video -

Download game from the google play -