Question [Q] Touch Screen Misaligned

Hey I would like to ask help from you guys, its all about my touch screen on a A13 Tablet specifically Myphone Mypad 2
I successfully flashed it with CM10 and have a working CWM version 6 something my problem is that the touch screen is misaligned, which I have a trouble with its inverted x and y but already solve it now my problem goes with the misaligned touch(cant post pic im a new user =.=')

sorry for the low-quality picture xD anyways when I touch the screen its offset to about 2 inches to the left, I enabled the show touches in developer option which is the little circle on the image

tried flashing with CM10 and AOKP 4.1.2 for A13 tablet same problem
I tried editing the script.bin and resolve x and y problem but for the misaligned no luck
can I resolve this in script.bin? how?
hoping for your kind help