Default [Q] i747 Hardbricked - Warranty question

So today I finaly decided to root my ATT GS3 i747 (I actually use it on net10).
After rooting I flashed the Omega Rom for the i9300 on to it (I didn't read all the directions first to be honest or I would have relised it was the wrong version).
Now my phonewill not turn on. Tried all the button combanations and nothing.
When connected to a wall charger teh vharging light will not come on.
If I remove the battery and connect it to my PCa red light will come on. If I try to turn it on the light just goes off after a few seconds. My computer will also find a device called 'QHSUSB - DLOAD' but it dont find any drivers and nothing else seems to happen.

I web cahtted with a Samsung Rep, pretended like it just failed, and was told to sent it in under warranty. Is there a chance Samsung will replace it as failed or will they ind it's rooted and refuse warranty coverage?
Also if anyones knows a fix for this I will be happy to give it a try.