Default [Q] Sudden SSL errors

My son's 210R just today started getting SSL errors every time he tries to access a Google site. It also seems to be interfering with Google apps as well, YouTube, Play Store, and Gmail all report "no connection". He pretty much can't do anything that requires a connection to Google.

This is on our home network, I have another 210R, my own 310, plus computers, Xbox,etc that don't get any sort of error so I don't think it's a network issue.

I did root the table the day before yesterday, and uninstalled a few system apps he didn't use (Flipboard, ChatOn, WatchOn, Game Hub, Play Music, Game Hub, Music Hub, Peel, Polaris, and Group Play).

Could any of that have caused an issue? I rooted by flashing TWRP from Odin and then flashing the universal root zip.

Any suggestions would be helpful.