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Recent development of tablets and powerful devices have left us as slaves to technology.

We have conducted few tests in our labs and here are some shocking results.

This is not a threat at present but may pose as a threat in the near future.

1. We used a NFC password lock(an experimental locking system developed by me and my friends)
Basically its a tablet that has open or locked status at present, which may be implemented as a door lock or something like that.

2. Another tablet is used as a portable keyboard, so when we need to open the lock(other tablet) we bring it into NFC range and punch the 4 digit pin.

After I developed another program that hacks into the nfc channel and starts brute forcing the pin.

It took us 5.30 hours to brute force the 4 digit pin.

1. Yes, android devices can serve as brute forcing devices.
2. Brute forcing can be stopped by allowing a limit to password trials.

Will be updated with additional information as soon as our tests are completed.

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