Question [Q] Android Date Reminder Application

Hi All,

I Have The Following Requirement In Android App.

1. I Have The Habit Of Saving All My Contacts In Gmail Contacts.
2. Most Of My Contacts Saved, Will Have Some Kind Of Dates, Updated. E.g Birthday, Anniversary Date, Custom Date Etc.

I Need An Application Which Should Do The Following...

1. Read The Dates From The Google Contacts List, On A Daily Basis.
2. Keep Reminding Me Daily On The Matching Names From The Contact List & Help Me Send A Message Or Call The Contact.
3. Remind Me 2 Days (Or Specified Days) In Advance About The Upcoming Date Reminders.

What I Don't Want To Do Is As Follows:

1. Since The Dates Are Already Updated In Google Contacts Once, I Do Not Want To Retype It Again And Create Another List For Any Other Application.

Any Such Application From Google Or Any Third Party Vendor????