Default Unlocking bootloader status??

It this something that the experts will eventually be able to do on the Galasxy III and 4.3 ?? It's a Verizon phone, BTW.

I went down to the V store to demand they put it back since the 4.3 upgrade broke so many things and they refused. Claimed that it was not possible. I replied "BS, you and I both know that if V wanted to do it, it'd be done in a second. V just doesn't WANT to do it".

I know you guys are working on it, just wondering if it will actually be "do-able".

V blamed it all on Samsung and washed their hand of it. That leaves another thought.

Is it really Sammy's fault and if so, would another phone manufacturer may be more "accommodating" to those of us that might want to mod our device?? I really don't want/need a custom ROM, just put it back to 4.1 stock.

Right now I'm pretty PO'ed at Verizon. Supposedly they were forced by the US Feds to NOT block WIFI tethering on "data limited" plans. However, the guy at the V store pretty much just laughed in my face, even though I have a 2GB limit.