Unhappy Need help with locked/unwritable sdcard

Hello friends.. I need your help please. I have a SanDisk 64gb class10 microsd on my note2. Yesterday while I was on hurricane 4.3 rom suddenly my sdcard became unwritable. Like when I click a photo through camera app and got stored on microsd card but after photo restart photo is not there on sdcard anymore. I tried transferring file to card with sdcard reader on windows7 pc but its not working. I can copy files from sdcard but I can not transfer files to card.
After doing backup, I tried formatting card with sdcardformatter 4 windows application but it say card is locked (I was trying to format with card reader not with adapter) also tried formatting through phone but its not working. It just don't get formatted
Can any body please suggest what shall I do now ?
So far I have tried all above in 4.3 including stock, 4.2 and 4.1.1 miui rom.
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