Default [Q] NEED HELP!! phone wont boot and lost recovery

Hey Guys,

ive been looking all over for a solution cant find anything.

I'm fairly new to this.. I have this prism 2 i have been messing around on. anyways i tried flashing stock rom and completely messed it up.i dont know what is wrong. the phone wont boot at all. ive lost recovery.

the phone is rooted and bootloader unlocked. i got the unlock code from huawei.

also when i connect the phone to my laptop. i get 2 devices named linux Files-cd gadget
i was going to just repartion the whole phone and reinstall everything.

but when i try and repartion i get an error saying /dev not found

if there is any else you need me to post let me know
also if this is in the wrong area i apologize.