Lightbulb [Q] will these modified drivers work on another pc?

Hi everyone,

I was messing around trying to get adb working on my nook hd+ via usb. As I want to find a simple way of doing it, for my friend to follow as they are less technical than myself. So anyway I've modified the android_winusb.inf from the usb_driver_r04-windows folder, and instead of matching the hardware ID's (which when i tried didnt work for me) I have added another nook HD+ line.

; Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_2080&PID_0005&REV_0216&MI_01
%CustomAdbInterface%           = USB_Install, USB\VID_2080&PID_0005&MI_01
Those are now BOTH my hardware ID's and after making windows manually install the drivers, and reboot, adb works. I've check and its not broken adb on my SGS3. I have a full sdk setup, and eclipse addon plus the nook stuff i got off the sdk manager, so it will be different. Even then gave no response to adb devices till i edited the drivers. EDIT: also I have cm11 nightlies installed so again different.

ok so my question is, if i send her these modified drivers (presuming the hardware IDs are the same) and uses the mini adb tools in the link below, will it work? will she be able sideload apps into unrooted stock?
If I help you thank me. I'm trying my best not to be a noob
Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-900F)
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