Default Xolo Q1000, Black Screen with distorted white effect after MIUI install

Hey there,
I'd been using XOLO Q1000 for almost a year now. Recently a month back I gave the phone for a service, since the screen's kinda not working properly (Touch phase). Lately a day back I received the mobile as it was said that the problem, which I'd been faced has been repaired by the service center people. Everything was under control and was doing okay until I tried to install MIUI v5 on my phone on the day I got it back from the service center (Douche move, I know!). So yeah, I've rooted and installed the MIUI OS and there come the boot-loop. I've faced with a several automatic restarts and it never crossed the XOLO LOGO boot animation. After 12 hours, I've tried to flash my device with SP Flash tool. And boom, display's dead. but not completely. I can feel that the touch phase is working but it doesn't show anything rather than a distorted black&white effect. Is there any fix for this? Am I facing a hardware issue or a software one?

Hoping for a reply ASAP!