Unhappy NEED HELP pliss

I have a china phone . has been at the root and I have to replace the boot animation and shut animation .
when I want to change the background , using root explorer I copy framework - res.apk into the sdcard . after extract it , I replace background_holo_dark.png with the image I want in accordance with the resolution and I 've changed the name background_holo_dark.png .
then I did the zip folder framework - res.apk that I have edited , I replace the zip result into framework - res.apk and then I copy and paste into the system / framework / this . notice " the folder framework - res.apk have already exist , are you sure tu overwrite " , I tap ok but my phone stuck on the display .
I waited a while but the screen does not change . I pull out the battery and reinsert and boot , but stuck on the boot animation .
I tried pressing the home button + vol up + power no recovery option , power + vol down only a test , clear flash , boot , no recovery option , power + vol up + vol down no response .
anybody please help me ! ! ! ! !

my phone : mtk6577 mitoa300
root by Frama root
not have CMW recovery or other
USB debugging not checked