Default [Q] Simple theme app help?

I am creating own theme with apex theme sample which i found on XDA. But i want to make my app to be in app drawer.
The problem is i am not good in coding as in photoshoping icons If theres any small tutorial that will help me please share it with me.
Once my themes gets the way i want them to be i will make a lot of themes for apex/adw... etc lanchers for all of you i am good in designing.
What i need is simple ui with sum buttons for example that will call the wallpaper chooser and maybe some buttons to redirect to a link. and a place where i can post simple banner. I don't need trasitions and effects and so on... just simple ui with 2-3 buttons and 1 banner image.
i have 0 coding skills

Sorry if i am on wrong section Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting it says help...
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