Lightbulb ShakeReader [APP][2.3+] - smart sms reader


Do you sometimes have your hands occupied? While driving, working with laptop, cooking...?

We're happy to announce smart ShakeReader - reads your incoming sms on shake, or in automatic mode.

Get it on Google Play

* Auto mode: reads when message arrives
* Shake mode: shake phone to hear incoming message
* Repeat-on-shake option to hear again what was last read
* Options to read sender, number, time, date, message
* Reads sender names from phone contacts
* Custom "new message" text
* Test reading with current settings

And more:
* Stops reading on active call (dialing, ringing, etc) and resumes after
* Can handle several messages coming at once
* Reads also long messages (more than 160 characters)
* Low memory consumption (uses more memory only when speaking)
* Volume monitor - reader is muted if phone is in silent mode
* Auto-start after boot