Default [Q]T889 sd card/internal switched?

Hello XDA,
The symptoms:
CAN get into recovery
CAN get into Download mode
CAN install from Google Play

Cannot see sd card when connected to windows(yes drivers are installed)
Storage/device memory shows 0.00B total space however shows how much space is used by apps(color bar is solid green)
Sd card total space shows 29.8 1GB
Cannot autoroot(CF autoroot)
Cannot see files on sd card to flash recovery

My thoughts on solutions:
Odin flash rooted image(have not been able to find one)
ADB to where the mounted memory is and rearrange(pure speculation and don't know how)

Cause: was playing with freshly rooted device, was setting up a rom(don't recall which) it asked to switch internal/external,
Later flashed CM all hell broke loose and symptoms presented.

Thoughts or ideas?

Thank you in advance,