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I am unsure what this is but I am interested? Thanks, I ended up doing what I was trying to do in the first place and IT WORKED

To anybody that faces the same issue:

in recovery sideload install madmacks TWRP file attached below
after that is installed flash CM11 using the same sideload

The command in adb is adb sideload (your file name in here without the brackets.zip) You must include .zip

It is strange because it didn't work the first 3 times I flashed the ROM and on the fourth it worked, so keep trying
Thanks! This worked 100%. Something's really up with the freegee CWM, totally useless. Had 3 days of a headache till I saw this post. I used to be a CWM guy, now TWRP all the way...! The interface is touch based and much easier to handle than CWM. Best of all it doesn't go into a bootloop! Cheers!