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What Is Muses?
Muses were the goddesses of music, song and dance. They were rather inspirational to many poets, Muses are very knowledgeable and they also had the memory of an elephant. The Muses were very skilled and loved their music while dancing. You can now finally enjoy your music with Muses quality and knowledge in mind while dancing to your favourite tune.

Current Status:

New version in the makings

The Sound You Have All Been Waiting For
► Pon-3 Audio
► AwesomeBeats
► PureAudio Engine
►HTC Beats Audio
► Harmon Kardon Audio
► xLoud
► Sony Clear Audio + Sony Clearphase
► Dolby Audio
► 48000Khz Sampling @ 24bit
► eXtremeBeats™ xPress Engine Smartly Enhances Your Call Quality
► eXtrabass Libs
► Render Frequencies Lower Than 20Hz on Headphones
► Render Frequencies Lower Than 150Hz on Built In speaker
► Increased Volume Levels Throughout System
► Warmer Clearer Sound Via Built In Speaker, Headphones or Bluetooth
► Wider Soundstage
► Converts Low Quality MP3's To 320Kbps When Possible
► Less Noise With Updated Libs
NEW! MEGABASS Mod For Powerful, Lower and clearer more optimized bass
►Bass Optimizations For Punchier Clearer Bass
NEW! Alsa+Beats Allows for faster sound processing, and better quality audio
► New Treble Optimizations For Even An Even Clearer High End Listening Experience


"This mod work for me. This mod give amazing sound "

"Amazing mod! works fine on my nexus 4 stock 4.4.2 without any problems can hear the difference and I have to say it's the best sound I've heard yet great job"

"Smooth and it does sound make the sound crisper"
- DanDan2980

"Works really good with Xperia play + gin2jellybean ROM + poweramp player"
- Fliperpl

"Thanks @Applicare Studios. working perfectly on N5 with lastest build Mahdi rom & Viper4Android"
- Thucoisao

"Even I Enjoyed It"
- Your Mum

Installation Method

⋗ Download To Phone
⋗ Boot Into Recovery
⋗ Flash Mod
⋗ Clear Cache and Dalvik Cache
⋗ Play Some Music And Experience The Difference

Viper4Android Profiles

These profiles make your eXtremeBeats™ experience different by adding different Viper4android settings. They can add more bass, or add more clarity to your music. Just download them, put them in the profile folder from your Viper4Android folder and load the profile in Viper, and enjoy the extra differences.
Download Profiles


☛ @...Awesome... For AwesomeBeats
☛ @Jeeko For PureAudio
☛ Pon3 For @mrchezco1995
☛ Erly For Thread Suggestions
☛ @aki_007 for new updater script, thanks!
☛ @androidexpert35 For Uninstaller and Special Lollipop Modified - Thanks mate
☛ XDA For Their Good Nature
☛ @DeHuMaNiZeD For MEGABASS Files
☛ @raja4sure For Beats+Alsa Engine
☛ @RockoDev For Allowing Me To Use His Beats Audio Engine, cheers man.

Compatible Devices

◕ Almost compatible on any device, also dependable on version you choose to install.
◕ Recommended To Have Android 4.0 or above - Lollipop Compatible

Users Fully Tested And Working On:

Got a HTC Sense Rom? Use The Sense Compatible Version.

◕ Nexus 7 2013 FLO - All Versions
◕ Huawei Ascend Y201 - All Versions
◕ Working on Huawei Ascend P6 - All Versions
◕ Galaxy Ace S5830 - 2.0 or below
◕ Galaxy Mini Jena - All Versions
◕ Samsung Galaxy S3 - All Versions (NON Touchwiz rom for better compatibility)
◕ Nexus 5 - All Versions
◕ Moto X - All Versions
◕ Xperia Arc - All Versions
◕ Xperia Play - All Versions
◕ Moto G - All Versions
◕ Galaxy S4 - All Versions (NON Touchwiz rom for better compatibility)
◕ Galaxy Note 3 - All Versions (NON Touchwiz rom for better compatibility)
◕ HTC Evo 4G - All Versions
◕ Moto Droid - All Versions
◕ Droid Razr - All Versions
◕ Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082
◕ Galaxy Nexus GSM - All Versions ( EXCELLENT AUDIO!)

Other Information

▹ You Will Need At Least 5MB Of System Space.
▹ Better Compatibility With AOSP.
▹ It is recommended to start your rom from scratch, then flash this mod. However - If you already have an earlier version of eXtremeBeats on your device you can just delete the from the flashable zip, and flash the new version - flashing over the old version is not recommended.
▹ Make A Backup Before Flashing I Will Not Be Held Responsible For Loss Of Data.
▹ I Will Not Be Responsible For A Bricked Device.
▹ I Will Not Be Responsible For Your Own Hearing Loss Or Damages Listening Devices.
▹ Beta Versions Can Be Found In My Download Button Below.
▹ I did some file cleaning of the Google Drive Folder - Deleted: eXtrabass, Beta's and Upgrade Edition (as they are not required anymore as 4.1 includes alot of bass optimizations while keeping the other frequencies sounding pristine and original )
▹ There's no app to modify what you are listening to, to do so download your own EQ app this mod just modifies system files for a better experience.
▹ 4.1 Available to download
▹ Cadence For HTC Sense Roms fixes issues on sense roms.

Social Media Links


Watch Video HERE to understand how eXtremeBeats works for you.

eXtremeBeats™ PC User Companion coming soon...

If you would prefer, you can message me and we can arrange a Skype call to diagnose issues.

Android Experts better compatibility with lollipop:
Lollipop optimized I added these while stress testing an overclock, am I rebel or wot m8?
Play GTA san andreas SAMP? Here is my favourite server:
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