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[Audio Mod] eXtremeBeats™ Any Device

OP Applicare Studios

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3rd February 2014, 12:29 PM   |  #1  
OP Senior Member
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>Watch the video here, to understand more<

Looking for some beta testers for the new version, when I stop being lazy and get to working on it more!


>Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more goodies here

These here are some high quality IRS files. These can be loaded to choose the characteristics you like. Remember that eXtremeBeats™ is a system wide audio modification, so if you would like to modify the stock eXtremeBeats™ experience, you can do so with Vinardo's IRS files. He has a colossal of IRS samples, and they all range from different types of characteristics. From bass to clarity, from virtualizng to reverbs there is a IRS for everybody.

Checkout our social media and links:
>You can find what more information on my website >Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more goodies here
>Like my Facebook Page
>Like Elite Hackers on FaceBook for awesome tech news

Your favorite artists goes miles to put in great effort to create a song. The artist want's you to feel their beat, and they want you to get immersed in it. However many lower quality playback devices lack the true power to blast the real beat. Bring out your device's musical potential with this mod, feel the bass hear and enjoy the crystal clear playback. You will hear sounds you have never heard before with this mod, even with those stock Samsung earbuds.

Users reporting to much bass in very few phone speakers? Use a bass reducer EQ or (and) turn down the volume... Modded xLoud gets excited.. SORRY!
Use an External DAC or Amplifier to get bass driven quality sound - Very few devices even with this mod may not function as the description without one.

What's in this both these mods?

- Premium bass, with modified Beats Audio. Finally get clearer, lower and more exciting bass responses without compromising mids, or highs.
- True quality sound and amazing breathtaking highs, with PureAudio by Jeeko
- PureAudio Engine acts as a sound layer, and includes features like no more track noise (with bad headphones), and allows scaling and makes music sound more exciting and brings out all instruments when possible.

- Parts Of AwesomeBeats (Thanks ...Awesome...!)implemented so you can not only get better bass but every instrument sounds just ...Awesome...!
-Increased soundstage, thanks to both PureAudio and AwesomeBeats.
-Instruments like guitars and drums sound life-like.
- Slightly increased volume levels, through out system.
- Device Speaker recreates more realistic sound, with better lows.
- Voice, Skype and other voice activity sounds like someone is really there.
- Increased vocal soundstage.
- Sony Clearaudio+, Clearphase (only in studio), and xLoud for superior clarity and speaker maturity.
-Luxurious sound, playing at 44100khz in 24bit
-Pon-3 Audio Mod by mrchezco1995, more filters for better sound quality
- Harmon Kardon Libs! Finally enjoy compressed MP3's!
-Dolby Libs, for better sound stage and livelier sound
-eXtraBassLibs (only in ExtraBass) to give more prominent bass than Studio without distortion

Brief Description of what mod does:

eXtremeBeats™ Studio and eXtraBass is a sound mod, infused with mods like PureAudio, AwesomeBeats, and BeatsAudio. This mod will give you clearer and in general more bassier sound where possible. You'll also hear many sounds you may have never heard in a android phone/tablet before. But i suggest some decent headphones to really enjoy this mod, but even with stock headphones you will have a great listening in experience.

What makes eXtremeBeats™ eXtraBass different from eXtremeBeats™ Studio?

eXtremeBeats™ eXtraBass is uniquely different from eXtremeBeats™ Studio in it's sense of handling bass. eXtremeBeats™ eXtraBass allows a softer, yet advanced filter for passive bass. However, most true Audiophiles will probably choose to use eXtremeBeats™ Studio, it creates a more truer sound, that the artist " Really Intended". eXtremeBeats™ eXtra Bass gives a stronger bass response and sometimes with the right EQ setting the bass can get very, very prominent but somehow still doesn't manage to distort. All up if your the strong and can handle the true power bass get eXtremeBeats™ eXtraBass (and use my EQ BASS HEAD), if you want true to the beat music playback I strongly suggest you getting eXtremeBeats™ Studio (and using Clearly-unique EQ when it is out).

Want to get the best out of this MOD? Then i defiantly suggest using a Equalizer app. Many audiophiles complain about EQ's, and how they lower quality and make things distorted. Well, this is true in some scenarios, but if you set the right setting with eXtremeBeats™ you might just beg to differ. Here is some of my favorite EQ settings to use with eXtremeBeats™ (I highly suggest Viper4Android or DSP manager as your EQ and Viper4Android settings will be posted a bit later and please only use these settings for headphones or speakers,but avoid using these eq settings on your phone speaker as the eXtremeBeats™ can handle EQ throught your phones speaker):

Our Viper4Android presets! Drop these in your viper4android "Profile" folder, or make a folder in your viper4android file called exactly "Profile".(please always use the latest version) and please only use these settings for your headphone or 3.5mm speakers output. Ultimately you can use our speaker compensation presets if your speaker is too bassy, or just sounds as manly as a cat.

Download all our presets here

External DSP/EQ
eXtremeBeats™ Perfection: 20-36HZ +3.5, 60HZ 4.5, 100HZ +5.0, 219HZ +3.5, 438HZ +1.5, 875HZ +1.0, 2K 3.5, 4K 4.5, 7K +5.0, 12-14KHZ +3.5
This EQ setting is for those who like to hear everything that music has to offer and make it more exciting. It enhances bass, but will not distort it. This also keeps the vocals crisper, and your highs sound realistic.

eXtremeBeats™ BassHead: 20-36HZ +4.0, 60HZ +6.0, 100HZ +7.0, 219HZ +3.0HZ, 438HZ -1.5, 875HZ -2.5, 2K +0.5, 4K +2.0, 7K +2.5, 12-14KHZ +0.5
This EQ setting is for absolute bass heads. OK, nuff' said.

How to install?

Copy Mod to SD card
Mount System
Mount Data
Flash Mod
Clear Cache and Davlik (Always a good practice, in-case of a system conflict with another mod/app)
Reboot... And Pop on some of your deadly BEATZZZ!

What I Plan for the future:
Infuse this mod with:

Indicates accomplished ✓

Dolby & DTS
Create 2 Versions - eXtremeBeats™ Studio and eXtremeBeats Extra Bass✓
-More advanced ALSA
-Modded xLoud (so it doesn't break speakers)

Update Log:
0.9.0 Beta
-Initial Release

0.9.9 Beta
-Removed Noozy and Noozoxide after users reported that Noozoxide would no longer work correctly with most devices/DAC's
- set 44100KHZ @ 24bit as default
-clearaudio, clearphase, xLoud
-HTC Beats Audio Enabled
-HTC Beats Audio Files
-HQ Rendering all the time
-Increased dynamics system wide

1.0.0 Studio
-Remaped all audio signal processing
-Added stronger equalizer libs
-Made everything from beta more advanced, including more audio processing build.prop lines
-Extra memory allocation for more effects

-Pon 3 Audio Mod Libs added
-Added harmon kardon files
-Added dolby mobile mods
-Modified Alsa

-Fixed a MAJOR glitch, causing some Equilzers like Viper4android not to work properly or crash

Warning:This mod should work on most devices. If your phone, SD card, speakers, headphones or any equipment breaks i will not be held responsible for any damages, as always flash at your own risk. By installing this mod you agree to that and also please do not ask for a undo zip, make a NAND before installing. Also if you wish to use this mod in your ROM, you can but leave appropriate credits and a link back to this mod - no need to contact me.

People I'd like to thanks:
...Awesome... For parts if his audio mod
Jeeko For Parts of his audio mod
mrchezco1995 For parts of his Pon3 audio mod
My parents For paying for my internet, and keeping a roof over my head
My brother - the tester
XDA Community for their well nurtured attitude
XDA For this thread
Google for File Hosting

Compatibility List:



Nexus 7 2013 FLO
Huawei Ascend Y201
Working on Huawei Ascend P6
Galaxy Ace S5830
Galaxy Mini Jena
Samsung Galaxy S3
Nexus 5
Moto X
Xperia Arc (however, sound effects app force close)
Xperia Play
Moto G
Galaxy S3
Galaxy S4
HTC One/ M7/M8
Galaxy Note 3
HTC Evo 4G
Moto Droid
Droid Razr
Galaxy Nexus GSM
HTC Inspire 4G

Testing Environment For This Mod:
Headphones: HD201 & HD280 Pros & Stock Galaxy Nexus Earbuds & Stock Xperia Z1 Earbuds
Device: Galaxy Nexus & Huawei Ascend Y201
Kernel: [Galaxy Nexus] Fancy Kernel with high performance audio activated & [Huawei Ascend Y201] Stock CM11 Kernel
Amp: Fiio E06 & Logitech Speaker System Built In AMP & Yammaha Mixing Desk (For Professional use)

Not working, try compatibility before posting:

Galaxy Y Duos - On custom Rom
Nexus 4 - Please use compatibility mod for this phone

Remember don't just say thanks, give me a thanks! Please report back to me if it worked on your device or if it didn't.

>Watch the video here, to understand more<

Beware compatibility (compatibility mode is based of version 1.0 and will never be updated) mode will not render sound as accurately as the full release, however you will still hear a difference.
Your device having difficulties with eXtremeBeats™? Bootloop, no system sound, hissing etc? Try compatibility mode.. If you are using eXtraBass and it is not Woking, please do not ask as it is now unsupported.

Flash 2.1 over a new rom, as you will HAVE to start your rom fresh with his version, terribly sorry for any hiccups. The upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 is now outdated.

Download NOW
My other works:

Beats Audio Rom Y201

Using Your Smartphone As A Dedicated Music Player Guide
Last edited by Applicare Studios; 19th November 2014 at 10:16 AM. Reason: Added more to my works
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