Unhappy [Q] Question: - - Frustration ( Prestigio - PMP7280C3G V4.2.2 ) :'(

Hello for weeks now I have had the Rooted Tablet great but I still am mad and frustrated with not been able to Download anything to the SDCARD.

Now in the Storage settings on Prestigio - PMP7280C3G V4.2.2 it has 3 storage places it says something like ( Data Usage or Storage / Internal Storage / External SDCARD Storage. )

Both Data / Internal get used up but not the SDCARD !!!!WHY!!!! Ripping my !!!!!HAIR-OUT!!!!! someone HELP.

Also does anyone know how to show or is there anything to download for the Prestigio - PMP7280C3G V4.2.2 for any Browsers that can show Cursor/Mouse pointer because I can't play or scroll on some games or pages that require the pointer to either play or scroll.


Anyone that Helps it will be Massively Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Until I get the correct help I am going to be just over there :'( hope someone wipes my :'( away soon it's becoming a Sickness.