Default [Q] Display broken, Display port broken

Hello guys,

i hope you can help me with my problem. (also my english is pretty broken :/)
Little Background:
I crushed my screen but the lcd did still work. Another time my phone fell a 2nd time to the ground
resulting the cable for the touch sensor beeing ruptured. To repair my phone i ordered a new lcd,
but when i tried to connect the new lcd to the motherboard i dont know how but i broke the other plug responsible
for the things i see on the display.
In the end i can't navigate the phone anymore without seeing anything what i would do, so i don't care for the phone anymore but does anyone know how i can safe my storage?
I guess i can still boot the phone normally aswell as access recovery.
My phone is rooted, s-off and with the carbon rom 4.3.

Would be glad about any help, since i cant get htc support cause i lost the sticker with my imei number aswell threw the package away.